Unlock your Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 fragments? The Season of the Haunted has released and the Solar rework is receiving a mixed response.


Unlock Solar 3.0 

How to unlock?

Note: Guardians can unlock extra Fragments for by completing a number of Nightmare Containments.

If you want to unlock it all, speak with Ikora Rey at the Bazaar section of the tower.


 Available Fragmens

Ember of Singeing
Ember of Benevolence
Ember of Eruption
Ember of Searing
Ember of Beams
Ember of Combustion
Ember of Torches
Ember of Tempering
Ember of Blistering
Ember of Solace


Fragments Cost

Glimmer costs a whopping 25,000 Glimmer for fragments.


Grenades Cost

Grenadines only cost 3,000 per piece.