Ada 1 Mods Today

What is ADA-1?

ADA-1 is a seller in Destiny 2 who sells mods that enhance the performance of weapons and armor.

What is Ada Selling Today

ADA-1 Mods Today: August 17, 2022
Linear Fusion Rifle Loader
Bow Targeting 
Light of the Fire
Fusion Rifle Holster 

Linear Fusion Rifle Loader (Last Sold May 27th)
Arms Armor Mod
Increases reload speed of Linear Fusion Rifles.


Bow Targeting  (Last Sold Aug 4th)
Helmet Armor Mod
Improved target acquisition, accuracy, and aim-down-sights speed for Bows.


Light of the Fire  (Last Sold Jul 30th)
 Warmind Cell Mod
Rapidly defeating targets with the detonation of a Warmind Cell generates an Orb of Power.


Fusion Rifle Holster
(Last Sold Jul 30th)
Leg Armor Mod
Gradually reloads your stowed Fusion Rifles over time.